OT: need to drive a vector CRT...

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Mon Sep 15 19:48:00 2003

Try to get an HP1350 or HP 1351 graphics translator, or graphics
generator. These are not all that
hard to find, and they generate excellent quality vectors, driven by a
GPIB interface.

Very cool, real vintage vector hardware!

And by the way, NO raster based display can ever do a credible job of
simulating a 'real' vector
display. The aircraft cockpit had ~real~ vectors, not a raster display,
and for a good reason.

Use real vectors, accept no substitutes.

John Lawson wrote:

> A thought occurs to me: there is a piece of video test gear called a
>Vectorscope - used to determine the proper alignment of the TV color
>signal phase vectors... anyway, a lot of companies, from Heathkit to
>Tekronix, made these, and the older ones can be had at swpameets (or on
>eBay) for pretty cheap.
> Then, you'd have all the circuitry needed to drive the CRT (and quite
>possibly a 4" CRT in the bargain)... the interfacing task is redused to
>just DACs and opamps to feed the vectorscope guts....
> I think if I had to produce a 'real' stroke display that's the route I'd
>investigate first.
> Cheers
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