Needed - VT terminal

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 20:25:41 2003

> Quothe Christopher Cureau, from writings of Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at
> 08:23:13AM -0500:
> > Does anyone have a spare VT220, 320 or 420 that they'd be willing to part
> > with? My 320 just bit the dust...very inconvenient time, too, since I was
> Wouldn't you rather repair it than replace it? What went wrong with it?

It's a VT320... 99.9% fo the time the failure with these is the flyback
transformer which develops shorted turns (and then fails visibly, with
'gunge' leaking out). Sometimes it takes the horizontal output transistor
with it as well, or maybe even bits of the PSU.

If the power indicator is flashing on/off, then it's the flyback, period
(well, it _might_ be something else, but it's a fairly safe bet it's the

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