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Date: Mon Sep 15 22:55:00 2003

On Mon, 15 Sep 2003, Gene Buckle wrote:

> > http://www.microcomputerhistory.com
> >
> That is very cool. Unfortunately, I don't think you'll ever get one. You
> might be able to get your hands on some pictures possibly. You should

That site was built by Ray Holt who was featured at VCF 2.0 where he first
revealed this information. I've gotten a lot of great stuff from him,
including photos of the chip masks, photos of the prototype computer, and
other interesting things. Ray's got the original first fab prototype
chips. It would be great--nay, it is imperative--to get an actual
instance of the computer for preservation.

> check with the public relations dept. of the Navy and see if their
> historical research branch can help you out. If this was a USAF bird, I
> could tell you exactly who to talk to...

It was Navy. But perhaps your contact might be useful nonetheless?
Please e-mail me privately.

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