need some info on some sort of pocket terminal

From: Ed <>
Date: Tue Sep 16 11:22:00 2003

Hello All,

I found an unusual handhel pocket terminal.

It's housing is the same as the older LED pocket calculators used by Texas Intruments,
but is is not the TM990/xxx terminal as used for Texas own PLC's or TMS9900 based

This one is apparently made by Gr Electronics, who were based in the UK and in the US.
This is based on the fact that is says 'GR 185-2' on the board.
I searched Google, but I couldn't find any info.

As the housing was loose, I opened it, and it uses an Intel 8048 microcontroller, has 8
character and has a curled cable which has a DB25 connector at the end.
The cable has 7 wires, and when the battery door is opened (this device get's it power
via the cable), a 6 position dip switch is revealed.
There is also a little plastic block which does do some power conversion
(i.e. +5V into + and - 12V)? and a little buzzer. The crystal on the board has a
value of 6.144 (Mhz?).

What I would like to find out is some kind of information/usage/whatever of this
device. It would be great if this device just acts like a plain RS-232 terminal.



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