amiga 4000 repair / replacement

From: Commercial Video Services, Inc. <>
Date: Tue Sep 16 18:57:00 2003


I found you on the web.
I have a Amiga 4000 toaster/flyer system. When booting the flyer, I get a
"cannot load toaster screen" error message.
I used my second system to switch out toaster, flyer daughter and cpu cards. I
also swapped system drives and power supplies. The problem remains on the
suspect Amiga, so it must be motherboard related. I understand that dead Lisa
or Buster chips can be the cause?

I guess I have three options:
Can you repair my Amiga 4000?
Do you have a working A4000 for sale?
Do you have a known good motherboard I can purchase (possibly with my old MB
in trade as a core)?

Please let me know,

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