Poynting Products SS-50 boards?

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Tue Sep 16 21:06:00 2003

   I just checked my Tanner memory card against the photos on Michael
Holley's SWTPC site and realized that (1) mine uses jumpers instead of DIP
switches and (2) mine has no voltage regulators! The regulars were left off
of it and the regulator inputs are jumpered directly to the outputs. Good
thing I didn't plug them into a system and try to use them!


> Hi,
> I found some more cards that I THINK are SS-50 cards. Two of them were
made by Poynting Products. Does anyone know anything about them? No idea
what the cards are for, there are no identifying marks other than model
numbers and no unique connectors and all the ICs are 74xx SSI ICs. One is
marked "model VB8 Rev B" and the other is marked "Model 505 Rev B". Both of
these cards are marked "(C) 1983 Poynting Products Inc." and appear to be
for the SS-50 computer bus as used in the SWTPC computers.
> In the same lot I also found a Tanner SS 50 64K memory card. That's what
makes me pretty certain the others actually are SS 50 cards. The tanner
card is filled with Hitachi HM 6116s (Static Rams).
> Does any one know anything about Poynting Products or what these might be?
> Joe
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