Bulk Erase 8" floppies

From: Tillman, Edward <Edward.Tillman_at_valero.com>
Date: Wed Sep 17 02:15:01 2003

If you happen to have an old x86 laying around (286sx - 486dx), with DOS 5
or earlier, your format command will tell you the types/capacities of
floppies available, and the switches required to format them properly. A
simple chkdsk command run on the FD will tell you what you actually have.
Prior to HD, I don't believe any of the disks were marked with type/size.
However, HD and DD (DSHD 720Kb & DSDD 1.44Mb) are both marked on the disk
housing on the top foreward right corner -- top foreward right as inserted
into the drive -- right next to the spring-loaded media cover. The cover,
itself, may also contain the disk capacity in KB or MB, but that's also
usually found in later model disks...


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>A hint : sort the floppies according to density. I would be rather p.....
>if I bought a stack of 20 floppies, believing they were DSDD, and I got
>some SSSD ones.

Is there a way to tell visually if they are DS vs SS? Not all the
floppies have their original factory labels on them any more, and I know
there are some of each.

If not, I'll make 3 groups. DSDD, SSSD, and "Pot Luck"

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