Bulk Erase 8" floppies

From: Bryan Pope <bpope_at_wordstock.com>
Date: Wed Sep 17 14:36:00 2003

And thusly Fred Cisin spake:
> On Wed, 17 Sep 2003, Bryan Pope wrote:
> > > But, if you take a look at SS Single sided v DS double sided, the index
> > > hole is in a different place!
> > In relation to what? How is the index hole in a different place? (I have
> > only *seen* 8" floppies and drive, never actually used one)
> Examine an 8" diskette. Draw an imaginary line on it, to check for
> symmetry - if you were to put the disk in upside down, would the holes
> line up? You will find that the write-access slot is symmetrical, but the
> write protect notch is NOT symmetrically placed, nor is the position of
> the index hole.

Oh! I thought you were talking about about the hole in the floppy disk..
I didn't think about the position of the hole in its jacket.

Thank-you for the clarification! :)

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