Digging up Gnomes [OT thread resurrection]

From: Peter L Jones <pljones_at_earthling.net>
Date: Wed Sep 17 17:00:01 2003

Oh dear, I'm always late...

Anyway, I thought I'd wave in passing.

Hi TMS, hi Gnomey! Say hi (and where on earth did 8888815 disappear to?) to
Glyn if you see him.

-- Just another Autognomic Host purchaser with VWDB, VWDBB and VWDBBB
directories just waiting for an opportunity to fly again.
(also known in those days as Thanatos and possessing more hair...)

PS: Of course, it's about getting the feel of the software: the autognome
and the occasional *FOD, they'd be essential features...

PPS: And dammit why did no one call..?
Stn. 250, Caller nr. 487 was +++WBe0036, Line drop. Logged on at 20:40:32
29.10.90 for 0 minutes.

Stn. 250, Caller nr. 488 was 1111'rd, GUESTUBBER. Logged on at 20:43:09
29.10.90 for 0 minutes.
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