Anyone interested in an AT&T mainframe?

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Wed Sep 17 18:28:00 2003

Hello, I just came back from Boston where I packed all that I
could take off that VAX 11/785 carcass that I bought earlier
this year on ebay. Unfortunately I had to leave cabinets behind,
I had word that U.S.Airways would not had let me check that
kind of baggage :-). But I managed to get the whole KA785
backplane assembly with all the boards plus a memory backplane
on the flight and home. I had to leave 2 H7100 PSUs behind
and two MBA backplanes. If anyone is looking for SBI/MBA
backplanes, holler ASAP! They might get lost otherwise.

Joe, who is the keeper of that shop (and who frequently sells
good stuff on ebay) told me about an AT&T mainframe system
he has available. So, if you are interested in an AT&T
mainframe system (I haven't had the time to see it) you want
to let him know. (For privacy reasons I have left his
address off, but let me know and I will Fwd to him.)


PS: just in case you are in Boston and so inclined: there is
still a nice Unibus cabinet out there, together with the
remains of the VAX one could build a CPU extension cabinet,
which is what one would need to turn a VAX 11/78x into a
dual-processor machine according to the Purdue recipe.
Something I would have loved to try if I could have found
a way to take that cabinet home.
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