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From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Sep 17 19:56:00 2003

Antonio Carlini wrote:
> This I find surprising since, like PLUTO, the DS500 was PDP-11 based
> ans the DS100 and DS200 (and the 300 & too AFAIK) were 68000-based

"Fred N. van Kempen" <> wrote:
> The DS200 sure is PDP-11 based. Dunno 'bout the 100, since I dont
> have that one.

Just had a DS200 open a few months ago, and there was a 68000 in it,
with no PDP-11 of any sort (not even a T11). Also, if you look at
the contents of the ROMs or the MOP download code, they are full of
68K code. For instance, there are lots of hex 4E75 words, which is a
68000 RTS instruction. Shows up as "Nu" in ASCII, or "uN" if your byte
order is different.
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