Apple II floppy substitute

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 14:36:00 2003

> > But what about density? I know in 3.5 disks, you can't safely interchange
> > DD and HD disks and expect them to work for long. But what about with
> > 5.25 disks? Can I use DD or even HD disks with an Apple II?

5.25" DD and HD diskettes are significantly LESS interchangable than DD/HD
3.5" DD and HD diskettes are 600 and 7xx Oerstedts respectively, and are
close enough to ALMOST work reliably.
5.25" are 300 and 600, and are far enough apart to thoroughly NOT WORK

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> I don't know the specs of the disk ][ drive head, but I do know that, for

The original disk ][ used a Shugart SA390 drive, which has the same
head as the Shugart SA400. It wants a 300 Oersted diskette.
The "NEW" drives have the same media spec, but I have no idea what drive
they use.

> example, the Commodore 1541 and 1571 drives object to HD disks because they
> lack the proper magnetic properties. They only tolerate DD. I would expect
> disk ]['s to dislike HD as well.

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