From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 18:57:00 2003

Alex White wrote:

>Hi guys
>Does anyone know what the two small switches and two large red LEDs on the
>BACK of the ba123's CPU control panel are for?
>I'd look at the MV-II/BA123 Tech Man but I can't seem to get to the DFWCUG to
>get them...
This is from memory, so may be wrong...

Are you talking about the paddle switch with funny symbols next
to it? It tells if it should continuously cycle through the tests.

Or are you talking about the rotery switches?
One decides if it should do a conversational boot (where you must
answer assorted questions), or to just boot up.
Other one controlls the baud rate of the console terminal.

I think there were some versions that used a 3-position paddle
switch instead of the rotary dial for the conversational boot

Are the led's you are talking about the 7 segment displays? Those are used
to tell you where the system is in the boot process on a VAX.
Should count down from FF to 00 during boot (same info as displayed
on the console terminal).
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