Apple II floppy substitute

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 19:11:40 2003

> I know the Apple II series used something like 140k single sided floppies.
> What is a compatible substitute? Double Sided Double Density? I would
> assume side count doesn't matter and in fact DS might be be preferable as
> then I can just notch the other side and safely flip the disk.
> But what about density? I know in 3.5 disks, you can't safely interchange
> DD and HD disks and expect them to work for long. But what about with
> 5.25 disks? Can I use DD or even HD disks with an Apple II?

You can use DD disks (you can always use DD in place of SD on any machine
-- the media is the same spec, just better). You can't use HD disks --
the media has a higher coercivity and can't be written to properly.

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