[GreenKeys] Major Cleanout 3 (fwd)

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_panix.com>
Date: Fri Sep 19 09:34:00 2003

  Even though there are several of us subscribed to the Greenkeys List
(for mechanical teletypes), I have forwarded this because of the fan-fold
paper tape (among the other goodies here)

  I recently bought several pieces from Tom (from an earlier offering of
his) and it was packed very well, delivered quickly and in perfect shape,
including the 100-pound Model 28 KSR desk-mount. He's a Good Guy to
deal with...



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A few more pieces of equipment and expansion on paper products.

If you want me to reserve something for you:

1) I need your shipping address in your reply email

2) Copy and Paste the item(s) you want in your reply


5) KL TT-98 family in good shape, these are basically what a M15 would have
become, they have built in loop supplies 2 in good shape for $50 ea, 3 in ok
shape $20 each

8) New type baskets for Kl page printers most still in the military
packaging. $5 each

1) Terminal telegraph TH-22/TG about the size of a toaster. Now outer case
made by Stelma. $10

****Here is the paper: All $1 a roll****

***Paper tape ROLLS 1":

6 rolls) New in wrapper "plastic" tape dark blue Marked " Arvey Computer
Tape R-V-CT. 52H Blue Size 1" x 1000'

14 rolls) buff/ cream/ natural

2 rolls) new in box light blue

3 rolls) green with Arrows and Top marking

8 boxes / 80 rolls) new buff / cream paper tape.

*** Paper tape 1" FANFOLD:

2) Black in box
3) Gray box

*** lots an lots (most in boxes of 10) 11/16" Paper Tape ROLLS

**** Page Printer Roll Paper ****

16) 2 Copy W/ Carbon

3) 3 Copy W/ Carbon

20) 2 Copy No Carbon

13) 4 Copy No Carbon

8) 6 Copy No Carbon

13) 2 Copy Western Union Telex along edge

17) Single Copy Tractor feed!

Plenty Single copy in 12 roll boxes and less


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