Old Computer Usage

From: Bryan Blackburn <oldcomp_at_cox.net>
Date: Fri Sep 19 23:45:10 2003

My Mark 8 and Kim-1 computers run 24/7 doing fun stuff, and I have a
Digital Group computer that I use for games and a little programming. My
286 AT clone does chip programming.


Robert Little wrote:
> Okay, just a quick show of hands...
> How many of us out there actually use the systems we
> have on a fairly regular basis? Personally, all of my
> systems are used regularly. For instance, my Toshiba
> T1800 has software that can only run at a useful speed
> on a 386, my battery of Macs are dedicated astronomy
> and graphics machines and I even use an Apple IIgs for
> planetarium programming, not counting the Tandy Model
> 102 that I use as my erstwhile PDA.
> Curious,
> Rob
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