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From: Jay West <>
Date: Sat Sep 20 08:21:08 2003

Geeze, the upgrade was certainly more painful than I expected. There were
definitely a few gotcha's that weren't really documented.

It would appear that a lot of list traffic used to show with an address of
cctalk-admin and cctech-admin. This has apparently changed to cctalk-bounces
and cctech-bounces. Please adjust any filters or mail rules that you may
have on your end accordingly.

The above change caused a problem with the way the two views (cctalk and
cctech) of the list were cross-linked. I *THINK* I have this problem fixed,
can anyone let me know if they see strangeness in this area directly
(offlist). I fixed this about 8:15 CST, so only for posts sent well after

I'm still wading through things looking for issues (I am sure there is
some). Let me know if you see anything!

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