ACW and user ports

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Sat Sep 20 16:38:58 2003

Hi Tony,

> One thing that suprised me when I opened it up was that the user port
> connector isn't used.

Whereabouts is the blanked-off port on your machine? Above the keyboard
connector on my machine I have a printer port; above that there's markings for
a modem ("BT Link") socket, but this isn't fitted in my machine.

I'm just going from photos at the moment but I'll dig the machine itself out
tomorrow and take a look. My machine's a little earlier than yours, and I don't
know if they were ever produced in significant enough numbers for there to be a
totally standard design. It's possible some machines had the port and others

AFAIK, the B+ board itself is totally standard, with only extra ROMs to support
the 32016 coprocessor and the hard disk. I don't know of any reason why the
user port wouldn't work.
I do like the way everything folds out once the lid is taken off, even if the
engineering is a little flimsy. Can you do me a favour sometime and tell me the
hard disk model in your machine? I'd like to fit the correct hard drive to mine
sometime (and certainly one that has a black front rather than the current grey



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