SEL Lo2000 teleprinter ?

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sat Sep 20 17:36:07 2003

On Sat, 20 Sep 2003, Joe wrote:

> Found one of these today. Can anyone tell me about this teleprinter? I
> found DF3OE'S TELEPRINTER MUSEUM at <> and it seems to
> have a lot of information about it but IE locks up EVERYTIME that I connect
> to his site.

   Works fine for me (IE v5.5) ya just have to edit off the carets and
the backslash....

  Here's the blurb from the photo:

>Lo 2000/2001 1976 - 1985
>5 level (bit) Baudot code
>page printer
>speed 50 - 100 bauds (switchable)
>metal type wheel printing mechanism

>first fully electronic teleprinter, available as ASR, KSR and ESR version
>ESR=Electronic Send and Receive, 4 kbyte memory

>microprozessor controlled machine from the peak of the TELEX era

  And a damn fine-looking machine it is, too! Very nice cosmetic


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