Research Machines network?

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Sun Sep 21 06:29:25 2003

> From: Jules Richardson
> I don't suppose anybody happens to know the right value of
> terminating resistors to use on a Research Machines network?
> I was thinking of doing a health check on my old 480Z
> fileserver, but can't remember what values I used last time.
> I'm almost certain they were 50 ohm, but it'd be nice to know
> for sure.

You've just asked in some newsgroup or other for RML docs and
software. I sent an email but your account seems to be over
quota (maybe lost of people are offering you docs :-)).

Anyway, I have a bunch of RML docs (service manuals and also
random software docs). If you (or indeed anyone else) has somewhere
I can ftp them too, let me know and I'll dig them out. It would
be great if someone would host them and make them available for
the world.


Antonio Carlini   
Received on Sun Sep 21 2003 - 06:29:25 BST

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