Reviving and connecting an ASR33

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Mon Sep 22 15:55:37 2003

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Feldman, Robert wrote:
> From: Tothwolf []
> > Plastic model cement is pretty much useless these days, as they have
> > removed nearly all of the solvent type chemicals from the product.
> For styrene, butyrate, and ABS (and the plastics in HP -- at least
> calculators and 95/200LX -- and grey Toshiba laptop cases), try Tenax
> 7R, available at well-supplied hobby shops or mailorder from Micro-Mark
> ( It's a water-thin solvent. For wider cracks, you
> can disolve some plastic in a small amount of solvent and flow that into
> the crack.

Have you tried that product on ABS+PC blends? I've not found anything
suitable for those yet. All the solvents I've tried left the joint very
brittle. The only plastics I've found to be more difficult are nylon and
teflon (seemingly near impossible to bond back together).

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