Research Machines network?

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Sep 22 15:54:27 2003


> > Two people have piped up so far so they'll be heading there
> > first (see what happens when you don't sit in fron of the
> > computer 24/7 :-)) so they'll be on the net soon, but I
> > can upload directly to you once those transfers are done.
> The 21 manuals from Antonio are now online. Suck 'em up!

Fantastic!! :-)
I take it they're all just straight image scans of pages, encapsulated in pdf
files at present? I hope that's what accounts for the lare file sizes!

Presumably the items in plain text with no link haven't been found yet? I wish
the docs for the fileserver which I have hadn't been recycled by the school at
which it lived before I got hold of the machine :-( Chances of finding those
docs are pretty slim to say the least.

Great effort though!



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