Suggestions On A PDP-12 Hunt?

From: O. Sharp <>
Date: Tue Sep 23 01:08:55 2003

Hi, all.

So it's like this: I've decided, for reasons which even I don't quite
understand, that I should find a computer to restore to keep my old
PDP-8/I from getting lonely, and (to keep things complicated) that the
new machine should be a PDP-12. It's not _quite_ as involved as searching
for the Holy Grail, but they're certainly not common. :)

I've been going (by phone and e-mail) to check in a lot of the usual
places - electronic surplus stores, university surplus, and so forth -
and have also started checking around with neurologists and neurology
departments, since I gather the -12s were popular choices in neurological
research. So far I've had a few good-sounding leads which haven't gone
anywhere useful. But it's still early in the search.

I'm open to suggestions. :) Anyone have any good ideas, leads or
recommendations on where else to look? (It need not be a working one,
since I'm planning to restore it anyway.)

(O'course, if anyone has a PDP-12 they're willing to consider parting
with, I'd certainly be amenable to discussing it... <grin!>)


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