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From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 04:18:12 2003

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          chris <> wrote:

> I just aquired two Apple Lisa 2 units. Both are complete with Profile
> drives and printers (as well as keyboard and mouse).
> Plus a spare Profile drive, and an assortment of software.
You lucky devil. Have fun with your new toys :)
Just remember - they weren't made to sit in a cupboard or garage propping up
the roof - they were made to be used :)
Oh, and be careful with them, what with their rarity and the coolness factor.
Now I guess you could get some car window/bumper stickers made up - "My other
computer is an Apple Lisa" :)

> I think this makes up for the otherwise crappy year I've been having!!!
I'll say...

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