Unibus questions

From: John A. Dundas III <dundas_at_caltech.edu>
Date: Wed Sep 24 17:23:02 2003

At 2:06 PM -0700 9/24/03, Doc Shipley wrote:
> And, does that mean that all the 4x4 slots in the system chassis are
>Qbus, as in I can run an RQDX3?

Ooh. I recently acquired a complete /84 system as well. I have the
technical documentation, though haven't digested it entirely...

Pretty sure the quad slots are NOT standard Qbus. I think there's enough
there to supply power and some signals. Instead I believe it is PMI, so it
accommodates PMI memory, UBA, load monitor, etc. I would not put any
standard Qbus boards in there.

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