IBM System/23 problems

From: Wayne M. Smith <>
Date: Thu Sep 25 03:09:07 2003

> >Yeah, I'm here in the states, New York to be specific. I
> would be very
> >interested in getting ahold of a copy of the ROM chip to replace the
> >nonfunctional chip on my machine's board, as well as copies
> of whatever
> >software I can find. I don't know what software was
> available for the
> >System/23, probably mostly just business software, right? What
> >operating system did it run, or was it just some flavor of
> BASIC with
> >disk commands?
> Although I don't know anything about System 23's, I am pretty
> sure that
> all my functioning ones also displayed the same codes across the top,
> with many hilited as well.
> I think the error may be the one it stops on, not anything prior. Of
> course, I could also be totally wrong.
> I would certainly double check with a System 23 expert before
> doing much
> work in replacing the ROMS.
> -chris
> <>

I pulled my maintenance manual but it wasn't of much help. If you have
a diagnostic disk I can walk you through what to do to diagnose the
problem. I suspect that the "0B" may mean that the unit is searching
for an external disk unit (either a 5246 or 5247 because you have one of
the I/O boards installed) and isn't finding one. If this is the case,
you can simultaneously press the "Cmd" and "Error Reset" keys (or if
that doesn't work, just "Error Reset"), and hopefully the computer will
continue booting to the "READY INPUT" prompt. If this works, you can
avoid the problem in the future by removing the offending board. I had
a similar problem with the board for the 5247 hard drive, when I didn't
have my 5247 hooked up.

Good luck.

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