***CLEAR*** HP-85 FS on E-bay

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Thu Sep 25 15:36:05 2003

At 08:41 AM 9/25/03 +0000, you wrote:
>This is probably more aptly called a demo model rather than a prototype.

   No it's a prototype. HP made clear models to test air flow (and heat
dissapation), parts clearance, etc. It's mentioned in the HP Journal
article for the HP 9845. I've had several clear HP calculators including a
clear HP-35, a clear ***RED DOT*** model HP-35 and a clear HP 92, and a
clear back for a HP-65 and I've seen a clear HP-41. I've only ever seen
them demo a clear unit ONCE, that was a HP-42 IIRC.

   FWIW I have a demo unit HP-85. The label on it says "demo Unit, Not for
Sale" and it has a 9999 date code.

>Computer makers would sometimes create a handful of a model prior to launch
>to privately show it off to the press, retailers, investors, etc. Compaq
>once gave me a laptop to preview for BYTE that was in a clear case. It was
>essentially a production unit on the inside.
>My guess is that HP made fewer than 10 of these HP-85s in a clear case.

   I don't think so. I've only heard or seen of ONE clear unit os any model
so AFIK HP only built one of each.

>is a way cool find.

  Certainly is! That's why I posted it. I see the bidding is already up to


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