Geek Destinations in St. Louis? (Also San Diego [slightly different topic])

From: jim <>
Date: Thu Sep 25 19:28:38 2003

> Bill wrote...
> > We'll be in St. Louis this weekend. Any good museums, junk shops, or
> > other recommended geek destinations in the area? GPS coordinates happily
> > accepted. :-)
> Two surplus places that I know of...
> Gateway Electronics 314-427-6116 or (800-669-5810) 8123 Page Blvd. - St.
> Louis, MO 63130
> Gateway is mostly modern stuff, but they have an isle or two that is quite
> old stuff. Not great, but worth a look-see.

The guys at gateway have the building next door full of inventory, and if you
get friendly with the right fellow at the counter, you can get a tour of that
and see a bit of other stuff. Just ask what they have, and indicate you made
a special trip in from some distance and I have found they accomodate me
and dig a bit so that I don't miss any "new" stuff.

but then I've been coming there since they were on Delmar and Stu had just
started it (maybe 35 years ago).

Sadly Stu passed away a couple of years ago, and is sorely missed.

on a slightly different topic.

Gateway has a San Diego outlet that has some stuff, and there is also a place
nearby there worth seeing in San Diego called Industrial Liquidators.

I also dig out the listings for the guys in El Cajon when I go down there

Any other San diego places to see?

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