Old DOS on topic yet?

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Thu Sep 25 21:07:47 2003

At 05:16 PM 9/25/03 -0700, you wrote:
>> I would like to get an old single floppy DOS laptop machine
>> on my local network. Anyone know how to get DOS to work with
>> a PCMCIA card (uh too new?)
>Well.... One question comes to mind, if it's a single floppy laptop (I
>translate that as meaning it doesn't have a HD), does it even have a PCMCIA
>card slot? If it doesn't, does it have an bidirectional parallel port
>(isn't that called EPP?). If you have the PCMCIA slot, you'll need to find
>a card that is old enough that there was DOS support for it. Hopefully you
>can get one that includes the drivers and instructions.
>Warning, setting such a thing up is not fun. The next question is, what do
>you plan on using for networking software? Such things for DOS weren't
>exactly common either.
> Zane

  IIRC somewhere on the net is a HP 200LX palmtop that's operating as a
server. IIRC it has one or two PCMCIA slots and 2Mb of RAM with MS-DOS 5 in
ROM and NO disk drives. Don't recall what networking software it was using
but it shouldn't be to hard to find if it's still on the net.

  Ah! Found it! it's at <http://www.technoir.nu/hplx/welcome.html>. It's
now been taken off-line but the details are still posted.

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