TRS-80 printer cable length?

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Fri Sep 26 00:33:33 2003

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Tony Duell wrote:

> > Does anyone know what the length of the original TRS-80 model 1/3/4
> > printer cable was? I am considering making some (some for my own
> > systems, and a few to sell), but I don't know what the original length
> > was. I'm also curious about the length of the model 2/12/16 printer
> > cable, though I'd imagine it was the same length.
> From memory, 6 feet / 1.8m. But I might be wrong.

That sounds about right. I have a couple packed away somewhere, but I
think they were made up by the computer's owner and not bought ready made.
I should check their length anyway though.

Now, can anyone point me to a FAQ about the different cable types? I found
a number of catalog numbers for these cables. Some of the differences are
pretty easy to see, but some are not.

So far I've been able to come up with these catalog numbers, though there
are probably a few others:

Model I 26-1411, 26-1416 [LP2]
Model I+EI/III/4 26-1401, 26-1415 [LP2]
Model II 26-4401, 26-4402 [LP2]
Color Computer 26-3020
Tandy 1000 Series (Not RL or TL/3) 26-225/26-222 (6'/12')
All Others PC-Compatibles 26-227/26-223 (6'/12')

I'm unsure as to why the LP2 has different cables. Does it not use the
centronics-style 36 pin connector?

I was planning to make up some cables which are probably 26-1401 and
26-4401, but I'd sure like to know more about the others before I get too
involved in the project.

Maybe someone knows of a resource out there that lists all of these cables
and their properties?

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