***CLEAR*** HP-85 FS on E-bay

From: Michael Nadeau <menadeau_at_comcast.net>
Date: Fri Sep 26 01:49:00 2003

That explanation makes sense. Compaq told me they used the clear case to
show off their engineering skill. To an editor, that sounds more impressive
than saying they just wanted to make sure the case fit right.


> On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Michael Nadeau wrote:
> > This is probably more aptly called a demo model rather than a prototype.
> > Computer makers would sometimes create a handful of a model prior to
> > launch to privately show it off to the press, retailers, investors, etc.
> > Compaq once gave me a laptop to preview for BYTE that was in a clear
> > case. It was essentially a production unit on the inside.
> >
> > My guess is that HP made fewer than 10 of these HP-85s in a clear case.
> > This is a way cool find.
> Clear cases are usually made just prior to any texture being added to the
> production molds. Usually they are used for engineering purposes (making
> sure it all fits), but sometimes they will also use those cases for
> demo/promotional purposes too.
> -Toth
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