TRS-80 rescue - help needed in RI

From: Erik S. Klein <>
Date: Fri Sep 26 23:18:35 2003

I've been working on trying to get a pair of TRS-80 systems transferred
from Southern RI to sunny NorCal but I'm finding that the extent of the
collection makes it prohibitively expensive to pack and ship (5 boxes of
stuff from what I'm told).

Is there anyone in the RI area interested in rescuing a TRS-80 Model III
and a TRS-80 Model 1000SX (Early PC Clone)? There are peripherals (at
least one printer, for instance) and lots of docs and software for

I'm just trying to back gracefully out of the deal without leaving the
donor hanging. I've belatedly realized that I can't justify the expense
of shipping these relatively common systems from coast to coast.

Please contact me if you've got an interest and I'll do what I can to
set you up.

   Erik Klein
   The Vintage Computer Forum
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