HP 7914, HP 7908, HP 7911 for sale in Atascadero, CA

From: Stan Sieler <ss_at_allegro.com>
Date: Sat Sep 27 18:56:21 2003


I spotted three old HP disk (and disk/tape) drives
indoors at a salvage yard (Heillman Salvage) in Atascadero,
California(about 170 miles south of the SF Bay Area):

   HP 7914
   HP 7908
   HP 7911

They didn't look like they're in immediate danger of
destruction (they're currently working on breaking up a Cray 2 ...
no, they didn't have the entire machine ... apparently,
the Computer History Museum got the CPU, and Heillman got most of
the rest).

The HP drives were a bit dirty, and I have no idea
of the price. The phone number is 1-805-466-4893.

Also spotted (outside): carcass of a Lisa (3.5" drive, no faceplate),
a badly burned HP 9845, a probably stripped CE control panel for
some 12 bit computer (no brand name visible, had a rotary dial with
a semi-transparent plastic disk in lower-left corner of
panel ... couldn't get close enough to read anything).

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