PDP11/84 continued

From: Johnny Billquist <bqt_at_update.uu.se>
Date: Sun Sep 28 15:43:36 2003

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003 Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com> wrote:

> After several hours with the 11/84 last night, it appears that I'm in
> the same boat as Gunther with respect to the Unibus terminator.

What's the problem with you guys??? The Unibus is really simple to get
right. :-)

One thing you should know about the 11/84 is that you don't use wire wraps
on the backplane for the NPG slots in the CPU box.
The M7677 (MDM) have NPG switches for all card slots instead. Go to that
card and check it out...

Second. The 11/84 must have a minimum load on both the PMI and Unibus. The
minimum load module (MLM) is M7556. Since you have two memory cards, that
MLM is not in. But depending on the configuration of the Unibus, you might
want to have the MLM in there. However, I don't think you have a problem
here, since I suspect that if the machine powers up, that aspect is ok.

It would be nice to hear how Gunther is doing. I'm very sporadic on
classiccmp though. If you need help on pdp-11 stuff, I'd recommend you
post to info-pdp11, or alt.sys.pdp-11 (or whatever it's called).


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