PDP-11/84 continued

From: Tim <tradde_at_excite.com>
Date: Sun Sep 28 19:37:57 2003

>What's the problem with you guys??? The Unibus is really simple to get
>right. :-)

>One thing you should know about the 11/84 is that you don't use wire >wraps
>on the backplane for the NPG slots in the CPU box.
>The M7677 (MDM) have NPG switches for all card slots instead. Go to >that
>card and check it out...


I am having a similar problem, but my system does not have an M7677.
Mine is an 11/84E. The CPU is in slot 1, memory cards in slots 2 and
3, and the Unibus adaptor in slot 4. 5 and 6 are empty, 7 and 8 have
the UDA50, and 9 has a printer card of some sort. For mine the NPG
grant jumpers are actually on the bottom of the backplane. I have set
them for where the boards are not.

I had believed this system to be configured as working, but it is not.
It has a second backplane but had no M9202. If I put the terminator
in slot 9 of the primary backplane it hangs. I know the UDA50 needs
the NPG out. I will have to examine to see if the printer card needs
it or not. I would guess the Unibus adaptor would not?
  Tim Radde

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