9 track reel tapes [Backup horror stories]

From: jim <jwstephens_at_msm.umr.edu>
Date: Mon Sep 29 19:00:39 2003

Kevin Handy wrote:

> chris wrote:

I had an account that was supposed to do backups every day, and they
did for a long time.

Finally they got enough data that they had to go to two reels to back all
of the data up.

We showed them how to do the backup, and included that they would
have to use the second tape we left for them to finish the saves.

Well, we hit the aformentioned day of 'oh crap we have to do a restore'
and had to get the backup loaded.

We started the restore and everything went fine till we got to the second
reel. it was blank.

mild panic, but who knows, so went to earlier backup. went thru all

We asked them anything you can tell us about the backup process?

"sure, when we got thru the first reel, it was around 530pm and time to go,
and when it asked if we wanted a second reel, we said N(o). time to go home.


never did recover that account

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