9 track reel tapes

From: Nico de Jong <nico_at_farumdata.dk>
Date: Mon Sep 29 23:26:19 2003

> and the DP manager came
> running in to say that the operator had goofed

Which reminds me of a true story too.
When I was an operator on a 360/40, most jobs were done via tape, as we had only 2 or 3x 2311.
All data was saved for 3 generations. Then, at a time, it was discovered that 2 generations of the master member file, were wonky. So, the boss stepped in, took the last surviving member file and said "I'll keep this one safe", and put it under his desk phone, one of the phones with a 60V electromagnet in it. I dont have to tell you what happened when his phone rang....

It took the programmers about 3 months (IIRC) to recreate the member file from other related files.

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