ADMIN: filtering for spam + other stuff

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue Sep 30 15:57:37 2003

Just wanted to let folks on the list know....

1) I am putting some spam-related keyword searches on posts to both lists.
This is an effort to make my pseudo-daily moderation of posts easier,
because the lists get a LOT of spam I have to filter out manually.

2) I would rather not post the specific rules I am putting in place in case
a spammer has subbed to the list. Be just be advised that I would recommend
that everyone be a little cognizant of the subject line of the message that
they post. Messages which trigger the spam list will be rejected.

3) To my knowledge, all reported bugs/issues since the switchover to the
upgraded mailman software have been addressed. If anyone feels there are
still outstanding issues please email me directly. There is still some
tweaking to sendmail to be done, and I need to regen the archives after
getting rid of some posts and including some missing posts, that I am
already aware of.

Now, back to old computers :)

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