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From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Tue Sep 30 18:03:41 2003


See above. I found some stuff that I can safely let go,
without too much heartache:

- several binders with manuals and periodicals from systems
  from The DIGITAL Group, Inc. (*NOT* DEC !!)

- an Apple II Technical Manual
  an unsoldered, virgin AppleII clone board, once sold by
  Eijlander Electronice in Ede, The Netherlands. I never
  got around to assembling it, so its still virgin.

- several master tapes from Informix for SCO Xenix/UNIX

- a whole bunch of silly 9600/14400/19200 voice-band modems
  designed for (analog) leased line operation, including the
  power supplies. The PSU's do +5V and +12V at 1A, so might
  also be useful in other apps.

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