PDP 11/73 SLU

From: Christopher McNabb <cmcnabb_at_4mcnabb.net>
Date: Tue Sep 30 19:32:54 2003

Our Physics Dept. recently decommissioned their old Bomem Interferometer
computer, which was PDP-11/73 based. Somehow, when it got around to
what to do with it, my name came up. The thing is now sitting in my
cube. The only DEC cards in the box are the CPU and the disk
controller. Everything else appears to be custom.

One of the boards appears to be a custom multiport serial/EGA Video/PC
Keyboard interface that wants the console to be on the PC Keyboard and
EGA monitor. Unfortunately, none of the EGA monitors (NEC JC-1402P3A)
that I got with the system will power-on. You plug them in, flip the
switch, and nothing happens. Not even a power light.

I really have no need for all the custom stuff and would just as soon
remove it as use it. I do have a spare DHV11 here that I could put in
the box, but I do not know if the DHV11 can be used as a standard serial

The DHV11 tech manual does not seem to have any info on using the board
as a console.

Any help would be appreciated.

Christopher McNabb <cmcnabb_at_4mcnabb.net>
The McNabb Family
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