Anyone have a Seagate ST01 or 2 ?

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 02:40:14 2004

I have an SC01, and I had a 3xx MB Seagate on it. The disk had been
originally set up on another machine, on another conroller, though.

The SC02 just has the addition of a floppy controller.

Fred, what do you need the SC01 for?

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Nico de Jong wrote:

> From: "Al Kossow" <>
>>from Fred van Kempen
>>Can you ask the list, or anyone, if anyone has an old Seagate ST01
>>and/or ST02 controller available? I
> I had some brief experience with the ST01.
> It is a SCSI adapter for XT's and AT's, and IIRC it could be fitted with a
> boot bios. It could be used for SCSI-1 discs op to 100 MB or so, as there
> was a limit on the number of cylinders it could handle.
> There was also an ST02, but I've never seen it
> Nico
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