VCF 7.0 Pictures

From: Wayne Smith <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 02:53:30 2004

> >From: "Wayne Smith" <>
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> >I have posted a few pictures taken during VCF 7.0 at
> >
> >
> >-W
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> Hi
> Of course my exhibit wasn't even noticed or photographed.
> As usual Sellam gave me half a table and most just figured
> at I was
> part of the exhibit next to me ( North Star ). Since my machine was
> also a woodie, ( much rarer than a North star ) it just
> end into the
> background. Maybe next year I'll be noticed.
> Dwight
> Dwight:

Talk about shooting the "poster".

Your memory is failing you! :-) Not only did I "notice" your
exhibit, I actually talked to you about it and even
photographed it - how could I have possibly missed it given
the very prominent placement assigned by Sellam! In fact, as
I discussed with you, I was at the session when Jim Willing
smoked it (popped the tantalums) at VCF 4. Indeed, at that
session Jim Willing borrowed a BNC to RCA connector from me
(that I was using with my IBM 5100) to put what turned out to
be garbage composite video up on a screen.

I just went back through the raw photos I took and I saw that
the photo I took of yours turned out very dark, which is why
I left it out the first time around. I will do what I can
with Photoshop and add it to what I posted - give me 1/2 hour.

Mea culpa,
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