Reel-to-reel tape decks (was: Re: ZX81 denigrated!)

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 03:41:40 2004

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> OK, I think I've traced it. A 3rd party user guioe ('The Philips Tape
> Recorder Book', 1st edition) states that the ST454 is equivalent to the
> Philips EL3541 and the Cossor CR1602.

Yep - I've just had a look at some photos of the EL3451 - it looks exactly
the same as the ST454, aside from the case finish (mine is red and white, the
Philips unit I had a look at was grey).

> 1) The superimpose swtich (turns off the erase head) became a parallel
> play button (plaus tracks 1 and 3 together).

Mine must be a fairly old unit then; it's got a superimpose switch, not a
parallel-play button.

> 2) The 2 pin pickup/radio input became a DIN socket (radio input and line
> level ouptu) and, believe-it-or-not an IEC 5 pin pickup input.

> 3) THere ware circit changes, some quite significant.

> > In particular :
> >
> > It's 4 track, does it have a Stereo socket [3]?
> It should do. Left side of the machine. Early models didn't provide the
> 16V for the pre-amp here, though.

Found it. Left side of the plastic top cover, next to the volume control.
Listed in the manual as a "Stereo Socket"; appears to be a 3-pin DIN with a
locator pin in the centre (?!)

> I think it's rexine-covered wood, at least for the Philips EL3541. But I
> can't be sure, and this is something that may differ between
> Philips/Cossor/Stella versions.

>From the "Operating Instructions" booklet:
  Cabinet: Wooden cabinet covered in a washable plastic cloth with
           polystyrene lid.

> Controls look to be conventional Philips,
> apart from the strainght-through amplifier switch near the connector
> panel.

Yep. It's got one of those.

I'm beginning to think the brown staining in the top plastic may be down to
some foam (or similar) splitting away from the polystyrene lid - it does have
a "foamy" look to it. Next job after that is fixing the crack in the lid and
sticking the rexine back down in the areas where it's peeled off...

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