Old Dos Programs

From: Dr. Ido <dr.ido_at_bigpond.net.au>
Date: Wed Dec 1 06:33:40 2004

At 10:27 PM 11/30/04 -0500, you wrote:
>> anyone have the DOS version of Empire, Nethack (an older version that
>> does not need dpmi), I had a DOS version of tetris too (using regular
>> characters in 40 char mode) so I am looking for that too.

There were at least a couple of versions of tetris that ran in text mode.
>From memory the Spectrum Holobyte release included a tiny text mode version
(~8kb .com file) along with the graphic version. The others were probably
PD/shareware and weren't
actually called tetris.

I should have an old enough version of Nethack somewhere. I remember it
included instructions for running it on non-PC MS-DOS machines and a
premade config file for DEC Rainbows. I got it running on a Wang
Professional, but I usually played it on a PC.
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