A couple of freebies...

From: Jon Auringer <auringer_at_tds.net>
Date: Wed Dec 1 09:51:13 2004

While cleaning the past weekend, I came across a couple of things that I
thought I would try to find a home for.

1) Manual for a Aydin Controls "Slow Scan Analog Patriot Series High
Resolution Color Monitor", March 1985. I also happen to have a model
8831 monitor, which is covered in the manual. I do not know the working
condition of the monitor, but the cosmetic condition is O.K. The manual
contains schematics and troubleshooting information, so I would think
making the tube work should be possible. The tube is big, and needs to
be picked up on the east side of Madison, WI.

2) 1985 Sharper Image catalog. The only thing I thought was interesting
was the ad for an Omnibot 2000 robot.

Anyone interested for the cost of shipping?

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