Jeffrey Worley (technoid)

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 12:19:10 2004

>>>>> "Zane" == Zane H Healy <> writes:

>> SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx
 Zane> Even if he is in Jail for Murder, posting that little tidbit of
 Zane> information to the List is totally inappropriate. If that info
 Zane> is publicly accessible on a Florida website then there is a
 Zane> problem there as well.

Yes. The problem with SSNs is that they are publicly accessible in
far too many places. And you're asked for them in lots of places --
like doctor's offices -- where you get very strange looks when you say
NO. And way too many companies use them for ID numbers. And many
states put them on driver's licenses.

The problem is that all of this is legal -- it shoudn't be.

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