Reel-to-reel tape decks (was Re: ZX81 denigrated!)

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 18:42:26 2004

> > signal pin. The original plug was unpolarised, but carried a red dot to
> > indictate the signal pin.
> the problem now is, where can you get the plugs?

The book I mentioned suggests you can use a pair of 4mm banana plugs.
Have you tried them? The original plug was not screened or anything, so
the 4mm pluges should be OK.

> > Said machine is Stereo, 4 speed (including 15/16 ips [1]), can copy one
> > mono track to the other while mixing in the microphone input, and so on.
> > The speakers are somewhat Heath-Robinson. There's one in the case, used
> > for mono playback and the left stereo channel. And another in the lid.
> > For Stereo playback you uncoil a lead from a slot inside the lid and plug
> > it into the RH extension speaker socket. Then put the lid on the right
> > side of the machine, about 2m away. Of course you can also connect up a
> > pair of speakers or a stereo amplifer/speaker system...
> Sounds like a nice machine. Vacuum-tube or transistorised?

Alas fully transistorised. The previous model (essentially a stereo
EL3542) had valves in the output stages. I would like to find that one,
I'd also like to find both of the 'Upright' models -- the EL3538
transistorised portable (2 track, mono, 1+7/8 ips) and the EL3514 (4
track, mono, 3+3/4 ips, mostly valved).

These are not particularly good quality machines -- my old Brennel
2-track mono machine will beat the Philips hands-down. But they're fun...

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