RT-11 installation

From: David Betz <dbetz_at_xlisper.mv.com>
Date: Wed Dec 1 22:02:01 2004

Oops. I made a mistake in my original post. The command I typed to copy
the distribution disk was:


That's what the installation instructions say to do anyway.

I've actually gotten a boot disk created now. It seems that the V4
version of RT-11 I was originally using didn't really do the COPY/BOOT
command correctly. I found another V4 boot disk and was able to use it
to create a bootable V5 disk. I now have RT-11 V5 and the DECUS C
compiler and linker all on one disk. This is something I could never do
with my old PDT-11/150. It only had RX01 floppies and all that won't
fit on a single density floppy. It's nice to have a bit more space with
RX02 drives!

Thanks for your help!


On Dec 1, 2004, at 10:48 PM, Doc Shipley wrote:

> David Betz wrote:
>> I'm finally getting around to trying to do something with my
>> PDP-11/23 system and am having trouble creating bootable RT-11 V5
>> disks. I have an RX02 drive and a set of RX01 distribution disks.
>> I've tried booting disk 1 of the RX01 distribution and that fails.
>> Should I be able to boot an RX01 on an RX02 drive? Also, I've tried
>> copying disks using:
>> and then
>> Unfortunately, that doesn't result in a bootable disk. In fact, when
>> I did it, it trashed the system disk in DY0 even though I removed it
>> before and replaced it with the source disk of the copy. Does this
>> sound like I've got a broken drive? I seem to be able to read either
>> RX01 disks or RX02 disks in DY1 without any problem. Also, the copy I
>> made in the first step above seems to be okay. It's just that I can't
>> boot the disk after the second COPY/BOOT step.
>> What dumb thing am I doing wrong?
> I may be wrong - I'm a newbie with RT-11, but if DY1 in the second
> step is the same floppy as DY1: in the first step, I don't think
> RT11FB.SYS exists on DY1:.
> I believe you need the /SYS option to include *.SYS files in the
> file copy.
> Doc
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