Reel-to-reel tape decks (was: Re: ZX81 denigrated!)

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Thu Dec 2 15:46:19 2004

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 (Tony Duell) wrote:

> Do you have access to Poole and Molloy (say in a good public library
> [1])?

Hahaha... Good public library... ROFLMAO! That's a laugh. Most of the really
useful stuff that the Leeds central library (and most of the other libraries)
had has been lost, stolen or downright destroyed over the years. I'll pop in
tomorrow and see if it's listed on the catalogue. Even if it's
reference-only, it should be easy enough to get some photocopies made.

> Quitel likely. A normal 3 pin DIN plug will fit, and only the normal 3
> pins are electricallly used.

As I've found out - I've got a crystal microphone hooked up with a 3-pin DIN.
Not too difficult :)

> Quite likely. I think origianlly there was a foam pad over each spool
> turntable. The idea was you could leave spools on the machine and put the
> lid on when you'd finished using it and the foam would keep them in place.

I suppose the best option to deal with that would be to sand off the remains
of whatever adhesive was used with Wet-n-Dry paper, then glue some fresh foam
on. The problem being finding some foam that looks original.

> > a "foamy" look to it. Next job after that is fixing the crack in the lid and
> If it is polystyrent then dichloromethane will stick it.

[ checks MSDS ]

Known carcinogen, suspected human carcinogen, suspected mutagen. No thanks. I
think some of the modelling shops around here sell polystyrene cement - that
should do the job.
The big problem will be getting the hot-melt glue that's on there now off
the casing. It seems to be stuck pretty well. Best option might be to crack
most of it off, then remove the rest by rubbing lightly with sandpaper to
take it off layer-by-layer...

> > sticking the rexine back down in the areas where it's peeled off...

Not sure what to use for that though. Again, the previous owner (I prefer the
term "wannabe restorer") tried Superglue. Yah, that worked really well.

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