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From: Jerome H. Fine <jhfinexgs2_at_compsys.to>
Date: Thu Dec 2 18:15:28 2004

>David Betz wrote:

> Well, I'm seriously considering divesting myself of actual PDP-11
> hardware in favor of just running RT-11 on simh. After all, I'm really
> a software guy. It *is* fun playing with the old hardware though and
> it's nice to actually handle the Q-Bus cards. I enjoyed hearing the
> clacking of the RX02 drives as I ran the DECUS C compiler and
> assembler. On the other hand, it would be nice to get back some floor
> and closet space. I wonder if anyone would like to trade an 11/23 and
> RX02 for one of the smaller pedestal units?

Jerome Fine replies:

You might also want to try the hobby version of E11 at:

I run under Windows 98 SE since I REQUIRE the VT100
emulation which supports 132 character text lines
under KED. Your hardware must also have ATI based
video support - or at least that is what it seems
to be for me. I use a 750 MHz Pentium III with
an AGP card which is ATI based. It runs RT-11
about 15 times as fast as a DEC PDP-11/93.

As for your RX02 drive and the PDP-11/23, well the
hardware addicts might like to have one. I am also
a software addict myself. Eventually, I expect to
produce a Y9K version of RT-11. Hopefully Mentec
will eventually allow the hobby users access to
V05.07 of RT-11 and the changes will be needed for
only the latest version from November 1998.

Again, V05.03 of RT-11 (as well as most previous
versions) are available at:

Has anyone reading this e-mail downloaded:
RT11DV10.ISO.zip (other than those I send the file
to originally as a draft version) and what has your
experience been with the file? Did you burn a CD?
Are there any changes you would recommend?

In addition, is anyone interested in V2-0 of the CD
which would contain layered products? Which layered
products would be important:
(a) FORTRAN IV and 77
(c) C
(d) Pascal
(e) COBOL (is there a COBOL for RT-11?)
(f) Other - please specify

In addition, bug fixes are needed for RT-11 as well
as enhancements. Can anyone help:
(a) Path (Pseudo) Device Handler - PH(X).SYS
(b) Y2K bug fixes for older RT-11 such as V05.03
(c) Y9K enhancements for both V05.03 and V05.07
(d) Enhancements for the SL: (Single Line Editor)
(e) Other - please specify both bugs and enhancements

Any other RT-11 questions.

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able to send posts to newsgroups. I have multiple
e-mail accounts and this caused a bit of a problem,
but also allowed a convenient solution.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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